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In Loving Memory

Brennen Thoma


Our Founder

The Meat Smoking Club of Wisconsin was the brainchild of Brennen Thoma. Brennen created the Facebook group, Wisconsin Meat Smoking Hobbyist - a group of more than 19,000 Wisconsinites with a shared love and passion for meat smoking and barbeque. While the group had been wildly successful, Brennen was wanting more of an in-person group to share fellowship and friendly rivalry in meat smoking so Brennen decided to create a club. Thus, the Meat Smoking Club of Wisconsin was formed in early 2021.

Brennen's passion for bringing people together in share of their love of all things meat smoking, is one of the reasons MSCWI exists. Brennen brought a group of board members together, each with their own unique skillset but, one main passion - meat smoking. After Brennen's passing in late 2021, the MSCWI board is dedicated to keeping his memory alive in making MSCWI a successful and inclusive club. As a board, we will continue to build camaraderie in barbeque and make MSCWI something he would be proud of.

In the venerable words of Brennen, "Let's roll smoke!"

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