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Join us Saturday, June 15th, 2024 for the Fourth Annual BBQ Bash@Outagmie Conservation Club in Hortonville, WI

2024 MSCWI Competition Notes and Rules


Rib Competition Entry Fee: $60, $50 if paid by 4/30/24.

Payout is 100% of entry fees. Payout as follows: 

1st place is 50%

2nd place is 35%

3rd place is 15%

This will be determined by people's choice judging.


There will also be a judged portion of this comp this year for trophies.


Rib Comp Rules:

1. Contestants will provide their own ribs for turn-in. Contestants must have a minimum of four (4) racks, but may make as many as they wish. 

2. Ribs are to be spare ribs, but they may be trimmed to St. Louis if the contestant so choses.

3. Ribs can be brined or seasoned prior to arrival, but cooking must take place on premises.

4. We reserve the right to spot-check meat at any time.

5. Turn-in container will be provided for judged portion of five (5) bones. The rest will be served by each team/competitor to people who purchased people's choice tickets. No garnish necessary.

6. Spaces are limited to 10'X10' when the grounds are saturated - Let us know if you need more space.

7. Electric spots are limited. If you need power but can't supply your own, contact us to discuss.

8. Have fun. We are a not-for-profit club and none of us are paid. We put this on for everyone's enjoyment. Please be patient and kind.

General Admission is Free - Open to the public 10-5


People's choice tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED. May not be available for purchase the day-of.


No Carry-ins Please

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